Who is this program for?

  • The health practitioner tired of the standard, "do this to fix that" mentality. Someone ready to take the time to learn physiology and to better understand how lifestyle and nutrition influences biochemistry. This program will change both your life and your clients lives!
  • The layperson who has been seeking and searching for health and in the process become  advanced in your knowledge. You're to the point where you are left to self-diagnose and prescribe, since nothing and no one you've tried so far has been helpful. You want answers!
  • If you are a layperson who wants to learn in real-world terms with practical application (without the details of science and physiology), check out our Fight Fatigue With Food self-paced online program for our practical education and easy-to-implement program and to take back control and ownership of your health.


'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.' ~Hippocrates

Attention men and women:

If you are tired of spending countless hours searching for information that can be only hit or miss when it comes to getting results...

The Metabolic Blueprint Program is for you!

There simply is NO Arguing human physiology!


ONLY $197


Here's what some are saying about The Metabolic Blueprint...

Before I started the Metabolic Blueprint in my life, I thought I was already doing everything right with health, nutrition, and exercise. I was amazed at the immediate health benefits I felt. I noticed a deeper, corpse like, sleep, teeth sensitivity disappeared, increased energy levels, and even more pleasurable bowel movements then I was having before. I highly recommend you sign up for the Metabolic Blueprint today!”

Neal C.

Two weeks on the Metabolic Blueprint and I am already feeling better. I joined a health club and they turned me on to the program. At 65 I am looking forward to a healthier future!”

Janet P.W.

Of the many vast ways that ideas around “good” or “proper” nutrition continue to evolve for professional practice, or family use, It was refreshing for me to learn about Josh & Jeanne’s Metabolic Blueprint program. Upon completing the class, and with continued review, one begins to see how studying nutrition from a basic physiological perspective, just makes sense.

Adam F.

Check out what's inside The Metabolic Blueprint ONLINE Program

Module 1: Design of the GI System +
  1. Digestion and The Enteric Nervous System
  2. The Control Panel of the GI System
  3. Differences in Digestion
  4. The Physiology of Digestion
  5. The Organs of Digestion
  6. Fine Tuned Ecosystem and Beneficial Bacteria
  7. What Disrupts this Balance
  8. What is Candida Albicans and the Confusions of Candida
  9. What is Endotoxin
  10. Remove, Restore and Protect against Endotoxin
  11. Our Defense System: MALT
  12. Common Dysfunctions of Digestion
  13. The Basics of H.Pylori


“Heal your gut, heal your health” sums up the importance of the digestive system yet dysfunction of the GI tract is commonplace today. The function and integrity of the GI tract directly affects our ability to nourish, repair and protect ourselves from the impact of the environment.

Module 2: The Bodies 1st Line of Defense....Understanding the Immune System +
  1. External and Internal Stressors on The Immune System
  2. The Several Stages of Disease
  3. Inflammation and The Immune System
  4. What is Innate and Acquired Immunity
  5. Anatomical Barriers
  6. What is sIgA and its Functions
  7. Mechanical Removal of Microbes
  8. Cells of The Immune System
  9. Modern Day Stress and Immune Function
  10. Relationship of The Immune System with other Organ Systems
  11. How it all works
  12. Nutrition and The Immune System
  13. Auto-immunity and Oxidative Stress


The immune system is the body’s defense system; designed to protect the body’s internal environment from the body’s external environmental. The Metabolic Blueprint teaches you about the complex network of cells, organs, tissue and blood of the immune system and how they all work together to preserve the health of the human body.

Module 3: The Hormonal Web and Understanding the Endocrine System +
  1. What is the Endocrine System
  2. Homeostasis Defined
  3. Hans Selye MD and The General Adaptation Syndrome
  4. The Hormonal Flow and the H-P-A Axis
  5. The Anatomy and Hormones of the Adrenal Glands
  6. Steroidal Hormone Cascade
  7. The Manufacturing of Steroidal Hormones
  8. Causes of Estrogen Dominance and it Effects
  9. Introduction to Benign Prostate Hypertrophy
  10. Cancer, BPH, PCOS and Estrogen
  11. The Thyroid and How it Works
  12. The Hormones of the Thyroid
  13. Adrenal and Thyroid Influence on Metabolism
  14. Factors that Impair Thyroid Conversion
  15. Dysfunctions of the Thyroid and Nutrient Deficiencies
  16. Other Factors Involved in Hypothyroidism and Swelling
  17. Thyroid Diseases
  18. The Prolactin, Parathyroid, Melatonin, Serotonin Web
  19. Introduction to Insulin and Glucagon
  20. How it can all go wrong!


The endocrine system is the most complex and the least understood of all the systems of the body and has the most influence over the brain and nervous system. The Metabolic Blueprint takes a very comprehensive approach to educating you on how your hormonal patterns are dictating your health!

Module 4: The Detoxification System & The Liver +
  1. What is Detoxification
  2. Exogenous and Endogenous Compounds
  3. Organs of Detoxification
  4. Understanding Phase 1 and 2 Detoxification
  5. Key Nutrients in Phase 1 and 2 Detoxification
  6. Routes of Elimination
  7. Gut-Liver Axis Role of the GI System in Detoxification
  8. The Heart-Liver Connection
  9. Other Organs of Detoxification: Lymphatics and Skin
  10. Balancing Phase 1 and 2 Detoxification
  11. How to Support the Detoxification Systems


The food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink contain toxic substances that must be processed and eliminated by the human body. The efficiency of our detoxification pathways is essential in maintaining health and vitality. The Metabolic Blueprint teaches you how to restore and support proper detoxification by healing your metabolism.

Module 5: Determining Metabolic Function Using Body Temperature & Pulse +
  1. Energy at the Cellular Level
  2. Thyroid-Metabolism Relationship
  3. Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress
  4. Basics of Blood Glucose Regulation
  5. The Liver in Blood Glucose Regulation
  6. What is Happening When Blood Glucose is Less Than Optimal
  7. How to Determine Current Metabolic State
  8. The Power to Protect
  9. Temperature and Pulse Readings
  10. Other Ways to Determine Metabolic State


The balance between the breakdown and use of functional and structural chemicals and their replacements defines the process of metabolism, essential for existence. The Metabolic Blueprint teaches you how to use Body temperature and pulse to determine the function of your metabolism and how to use food to restore ad heal!

Module 6: Carbohydrates...The Bodies Preferred Source of Fuel +
  1. What are Carbohydrates
  2. Unwinding the Sugar Conspiracy
  3. PJ Randle’s Work on Diabetes and FFA
  4. How to Begin to Reverse the Cycle
  5. Not All Sugars are Created Equal
  6. Sucrose, Glucose and Fructose
  7. Complex Carbohydrates
  8. Fruits and Roots
  9. Fiber
  10. Basic Food List
  11. Rules of Carbohydrates
  12. Stress and Carbohydrates Simplified
  13. Why Do We Crave Carbohydrates


Just like cars need gas to fuel their engine, humans need glucose to fuel their cells. While the body can use protein and fat for energy, they are inferior to the use of glucose. The Metabolic Blueprint helps eliminate the fear around carbohydrates by educating you on the differences between various sources of carbohydrates and their effects on human physiology.

Module 7: Understaning Inflammatory vs Non-Inflammatory Proteins +
  1. Understanding Proteins
  2. Digestion and Metabolism of Proteins
  3. Functions of Protein in the Body
  4. How Much Protein is Recommended
  5. Animal vs Plant Proteins
  6. Protein Excess and Deficiency
  7. Unsaturated Fats and Proteins
  8. Inflammatory vs Non-Inflammatory Proteins
  9. Diary: Reap the Benefits
  10. Are You Lactose Intolerant
  11. Acne and Dairy
  12. Diary and Osteoporosis
  13. Rules of Protein Intake
  14. Gelatin and Broth
  15. The Dangers of Soy


Protein is a source of energy for the body. The Metabolic Blueprint teaches you the difference between inflammatory protein and non-inflammatory proteins and what this can mean to your health based off your metabolic and physiologic needs.

Module 8: Fats...Some are killing us & it's NOT Saturated +
  1. Understanding Fats
  2. Functions of Fatty Acids in the Body
  3. EFA’s Based on Ray Peat PhD
  4. Unsaturated Fats and Ray Peat PhD
  5. Cholesterol Explained
  6. Why is Cholesterol so Important
  7. Levels of Cholesterol
  8. Statins and Other Cholesterol Lowering Drug Dangers
  9. What is HDL vs LDL
  10. PUFA’s and Atherosclerosis
  11. Tips on Optimizing Cholesterol
  12. Coconut Oil and its Benefits


The primary focus on fats has been on their caloric density, adiposity, and excessive intake, while the actual function of fats has been largely ignored. The Metabolic Blueprint clarifies all the confusion around fat by teaching you the impact both bad and good fats have on the physiology of the human body.

You can only heal the body, if you understand the body!

Without support and guidance, it’s challenging to create a foundation that will truly provide long-term benefit. And easy to fall into the trap of "this for that" symptom based treatment protocols.

What makes The Metabolic Blueprint Online Program different from other nutrition programs?

  • The MB Program educates you on the HOW and WHY customization of nutritional programs is essential to successful healing programs
  • The MB Program educates on the function and health of human physiology vs. the disease and dysfunction. Understanding how the body works, allows ease is assisting the healing process
  • The MB program educates on HOW to define and develop a foundation for the body to do what it already knows how to do…be healthy!
  • The MB program works with the whole! Nothing in the human body stands alone and everything affects everything. You will learn how to use food to restore energy production within the cell, the conductor of EVERY system in the body!


This is a self paced program workable at your own speed. Take as little or as much time as you need and repeat each lesson as many times as you want. We guarantee you will learn something new each and every time!

ONLY $197

The Metabolic Blueprint program that Josh and Jeanne put together is incredible.  They give you so much information and they don’t simply tell you what to eat, they teach you how the human body is supposed to work so that you know why you are eating what you’re eating and how it affects you.”

Lauren S.

The Metabolic Blueprint is a masterpiece of education in the arena of food and human physiology. Loaded with real world, applicable information, The Metabolic Blueprint will give you the knowledge you need about key systems of the body and how to feed yourself to help your body create optimal health and metabolic efficiency. Regardless of your level of knowledge or experience, The Metabolic Blueprint will give you all of the necessary tools to foster the highest quality health for yourself and for your clients.”

Brandon A.

Those interested in addressing the root causes of metabolic imbalance to recover vitality and well being instead of symptom suppression and endless supplementation will find this course fascinating and enabling.  There’s no ‘cookie cutter’ solution to this work and nor should there be – Josh and Jeanne remind us to treat everyone as an individual with individual metabolic needs, the very essence of the wholistic medical approach.  With thoughtful care and dedication however, the fundamentals can be applied readily and I, for one, wish I had found The Metabolic Blueprint years ago.”

Pauline R.

The uniqueness of The Metabolic Blueprint with Josh and Jeanne Rubin has to be personally experienced for oneself. We have hundreds of methods, diets, beliefs, and opinions when it comes to nutrition and wellness. I feel most of us are not educating ourselves enough to the extent that we should be, getting more confused and distraught with “what we should be eating and doing.” Most of us aren’t experiencing food and experimenting with food enough; living days with bloating, cold hands and feet, headaches, or pain.

As Josh and Jeanne say, “to understand dysfunction we need to understand function.” The Metabolic Blueprint is not your ordinary nutritional program. It’s a way of understanding how our body works on a deep internal level. It’s a program that educates us on how food performs on a cellular level, while challenging the mainstream way of thinking about health. I am delighted to say that I have truly enjoyed the nutritional dialogue & recommendations they brought to each class, especially when I experienced a shift in my own health within the first few weeks of implementing their methodology.”

Damian M.

Bonus 1: How to Use Food as Your Supplement +
  1. Using Foods As Your Supplement
  2. Reasons Behind Foods First
  3. Fat Soluble vs Water Soluble Vitamins
  4. Vitamins and Minerals Explained
  5. The Dangers of Iron
  6. Cascara Segrada – Herb Function
  7. The Science of and the Benefits of Coffee


The human body was designed to obtain essential vitamins and minerals through food to nourish, rebuild and repair every tissue in the body. It only makes sense to use food to heal the body! Today we are faced with many “this for that” approaches influenced by a market that has been brainwashed into believing ailments can be alleviated by the use of a specific nutrient or supplement. Ironically, supplementation is being used in the same way the medical community uses prescription medications.

Bonus 2: How to Use Light Therapy for Healing +
  1. Light Therapy: Using Light to Sustain Life
  2. Hormones and Light Therapy
  3. The Dangers and Hormones of Darkness
  4. Fun Facts About Serotonin
  5. How Do We Use Light Therapy
  6. How to Winter Proof Your Metabolism
  7. Sunlight and Ray Peat PhD

bonus2-light-therapyDid you ever notice that you feel better and have more energy in the summer vs. winter? Did you ever notice you have more energy on the weekends vs. during the week when you are sitting in your office? Did you ever notice that you feel much better/more energetic when you go on a vacation in a sunny environment? Well, it is pretty simple; you, your body and your cells need light to produce energy.

Bonus 3: Nutritional Timing & Exercise +
  1. Exercise and Nutrition
  2. Growth Hormone, Exercise and Stress
  3. Exercise and its Influence on Metabolism
  4. Train Smarter, Not Harder
  5. Energy Expenditure: Pre and During Exercise
  6. Energy Replenishment: Post Exercise
  7. Supplements: Only When Needed

bonus3-exerciseExercise today is different than the exercise of our ancestors. Our ancestors for one had a much higher exposure to sunlight and they did not have chronic exposure to dioxins, estrogen, mercury, fluoride, radiation and PUFA’s. These anti-metabolic stressors of today are creating a hypo-metabolic society that, when coupled with exercise, may have an aging affect.

Bonus 4: How to Regulate Sleep Nutritionally +
  1. Wrestling with Your Sleep
  2. The Melatonin Misconception
  3. Heal Your Metabolism and Heal Your Health
  4. Principles of Sleep Regulation

bonus4-sleepDo you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up? Do you rely on supplements; medical drugs or just cannot sleep? There are many common ideologies around what causes sleep disturbances, some of which include: aging, menopause, eating too much sugar before bed or eating to close to going to bed. When the metabolism is anything less then normal the chances for quality sleep diminish.

Bonus 5: Carbon Dioxide Made Simple +


  1. Why CO2 in Optimizing Cellular Respiration
  2. CO2 and The Thyroid
  3. Fat for Energy and Cancer
  4. Antagonist Factors to CO2
  5. Tryptophan, Serotonin and Melatonin
  6. Estrogen and CO2
  7. Endotoxin and CO2
  8. Unsaturated Fats and CO2
  9. What is Lipofuscin
  10. CO2, Respiration and Hyperventilation
  11. Why Do We Need CO2
  12. How to Increase CO2
  13. Research and Links on CO2
  14. Factors That Promote Efficient vs Inefficient Oxidation


bonus5-carbon-dioxide-made-simpleCO2 optimizes cell respiration, functions similar to an antioxidant and is one of the most protective chemicals in the human body. In an efficient metabolic state, our cells produce CO2 through optimal cellular respiration; the mitochondrial use of O2 to produce CO2 and energy (ATP). In an inefficient state our body cannot produce enough O2 and energy conversion is shifted from CO2 to lactic acid. Lactic acid is a huge metabolic burden to the metabolism.

Bonus 6: Understanding Oxidative Metabolism +
  1. The Basics of Oxidative Metabolism
  2. Optimal vs Non-Optimal Cellular Respiration
  3. CO2 vs Lactic Acid

bonus6-understanding-oxidative-metabolismHealth begins and ends in the cell! When our cells are “breathing” properly they are making large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and ATP, otherwise known as energy. Learn the 3 key aspects of optimal cellular respiration, what can alter it and how you can restore it with the right food in the right amount and the right time for your personal needs.

Bonus 7: Face Masks With Gelatin & Aspirin +
  1. Removing Black Heads with Gelatin
  2. How to Make a Mask Using Aspirin

bonus7-facemask-with-gelatin-aspirinThey say “beauty is only skin deep.” But we are here to share with you some great ways to purify your complexion.

Book3The Metabolic Blueprint Cookbook is one of a kind, must-read! More than ever, people around the world are becoming increasingly health conscious and in search of the proper dietary regimen. The MB cookbook explores food physiology and its impact on human physiology and includes over 80 delicious recipes to get you started on the right foot to healthy!

GI-pumping-video-option1The GI Pumping Video: The first tenant of Osteopathy is “Form Follows Function.” There are four major activities of the GI tract: motility, utilization, absorption and transportation. With this video you will learn how to pump the iliocecal valve, ascending colon, right flexure and liver, transverse colon, left flexure and spleen, descending colon, sigmoid colon and rectum. This 9-part video is an introductory aid in improving the motility, mobility and vitality of the GI organ system.

metabolic-blueprint-food-listExpanded Food List: Our expanded food-list includes the “most optimal” foods choices for restoring health in the body’s system of systems. It serves well as a grocery shopping lists and helps you identify foods less frequently consumed and others you want to stay away from!

metabolic-blueprint-food-journalFood Log: Our premade excel food sheet makes logging super simple! This food journal includes 7 tabs for each day of the week to help you stay organized. This sheet gives you a visual of how much carbohydrate, protein and fat you are consuming to help you regulate blood sugar, keep your nervous system quiet and develop a foundation for healing to occur!

metabolic-blueprint-gram-chartFood Grams Chart: The Food Grams chart provides all the macro-nutrient values of the “Most Optimal” food list making logging all the more simple for you!

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This is a self paced program workable at your own speed. Take as little or as much time as you need and repeat each lesson as many times as you want. We guarantee you will learn something new each and every time!

Our only suggestion is to review and listen to the lessons in a sequential manner to help you better understand and apply the information.

Invest today for ONLY $197

Health is not a look...

BUT defined  by the ability of each cell to produce energy.

The current state of your metabolism dictates the foods YOU need to heal YOUR body.

The Metabolic Blueprint Program will teach you HOW to interpret what YOUR body needs to heal!

Who is this program for? +

The health practitioner who wants a better understanding of how to create health, the science and physiology behind health and understanding the body as a whole vs segmenting it into pieces….to benefit both yourself as well as your clients!

The layperson who is more advanced in your knowledge, due to the fact that you’ve tried everything! You’re to the point where you are left to self-diagnose and prescribe, since nothing and no one you’ve tried so far has been helpful. You want answers!

If you are a layperson who wants to learn in real-world terms with practical application (without the details of science and physiology), check out our Fight Fatigue With Food self-paced program for practical education and easy-to-implement program to take control of your health.


What will I learn in this program? +

This is not a cookie cutter one-size-fits all approach.  This program is designed to educate you about nutrition based on human physiology.

This program teaches function of the human body and how each system interrelates with one another. Understanding process and function are key factors in restoring health.

How to assess your personal ability to metabolize food into energy. Food is what the human body was designed to use to rebuild, repair and provide energy. When the body cannot efficiently metabolize the foods we are eating into energy the body develops compensatory patterns, which can lead to disease.

How to choose the proper foods in the proper amounts to kick your metabolism into gear! What we eat and how we eat is based on our personal biological and physiological needs. This is why all those cookie cutter programs work for some and not for others…it’s a hit or miss. This program is a direct shot!

How to manage blood sugar in your own body. The inability to regulate blood glucose in the body affects every organ and system in the body. Blood sugar dysregulation is a very common problem today hence the epidemic of type II diabetes in adults and more disturbingly in children! Learn how to manage your blood sugar using “Power Foods”, reduce inflammation and restore your body back to optimal health!

How to Use Food As Supplementation! Since food is what the human body was designed to use for energy, rebuild and repair of all tissues, it simply makes sense to use food to restore health! How we metabolize food is essential as food broken down into vitamins, minerals through digestion are the very catalysts used to produce every function in our body! Stop throwing your money down the drain on low-grade supplements. If you cannot even break down your food, the likelihood of you breaking down supplements is slim!




I have taken your Fight Fatigue With Food Program, how is this different? +

Both programs are very complimentary to one another. The Metabolic Blueprint program is an educational program that dives into the science of human physiology and the affects of food on health. Fight Fatigue with Food provides a step-by-step application to healing the metabolism using food. It provides very specific tools to customizing the perfect nutrition plan for any individual in any real life situation. The Metabolic Blueprint provides you information but gives you the freedom to develop your own application.

I am pregnant, can I still participate? +

Absolutely and we highly recommend it! Nutrition is such a key factor in maintaining a healthy pregnancy pre, during and post. Focusing on your nutrition from the point of view of energy production and cellular respiration will ensure you are developing the best foundation possible so both, Mommy and baby are getting everything they need.

Will there be other materials or supplements required to participate? +

Nope. Just food. No special exotic tonics or ingredients required.

Will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information? +

Nope...you can get started right away! All the information in The Metabolic Blueprint Program is available immediately for download after purchase. This program is an online program and not available in hard copy.

It sounds like a lot of information, is this going to take a long time to learn? +

Health and healing is a life long journey and will take a lifetime to master. You need to determine when and whether you are ready, as well as the pace you will work at while going through this program in order to create compliance.

There is a lot of information and as we have mentioned, you will learn something new each time you reread a lesson. Application along the way is a powerful tool in being able to absorb all that you are learning. The good thing is, you have LIFETIME access!

One more important note on this: this approach is not about taking a 1, 2, 3 cookie cutter approach to healing a specific "problem". It is about coming back into relationship with what you body is expressing it needs to heal in its wholeness. This information provides the tools and insight on how to create the PERFECT healing environment (both nutritionally and environmentally) for you and/or anyone you work with.

Josh and Jeanne Rubin of EastWest Healing & Performance have dedicated their practice to helping people to help themselves. Their goal and dedication is in educating, guiding and supporting each and every client through the physical and nutritional changes necessary in obtaining optimal wellness!

The information contained in this program is provided for your general information only. The Metabolic Blueprint (TMB) does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine. TMB under no circumstances recommends particular treatment for specific individuals and in all cases encourages you to consult with your physician or local treatment center before pursuing any course of treatment.

The information contained within this program should not be used to diagnose or treat illness, metabolic disorder, disease or health problems. Use of this programs advice, and others information contained within the program and forums is at the sole choice and risk of the participant.

All information and content on this web site are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved.

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to: info@themetabolicblueprint.com